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Sork Farms, Fairfield, IL
Sork Farms (after)
Courtright Farms, Fairfield, IL.
1112 dryer and 20 hp 5" air system
remote mounting of control boxes
15,000 bu. hopper tank
(getting ready to set)
15,000 bu. hopper tank
radiant heat
radiant heat
radiant heat
 Fairfield, IL.
 Geff, IL
 Carmi, IL.
Zurliene Shed, Fairfield, IL.
Norris City, IL
Drag chain unload & power sweep in 125,000 bu bin.
Geff, IL
Catwalk, Dahlgren, IL
Broughton, IL
Radiant Heat Installations
Springerton, IL
Carmi, IL
Galatia, IL

Flora, IL
24' Hopper Tank 25,000 bu
30' Hopper Tank 16,000 bu
2320 Stacked Dryer 6" Air System 60,000 bu bin.  8" versa loop
Inside Electrical Building
3 bins load-out 1 location conveyor.
Springerton, IL
Personal Home Floor Radiant Heat